Open Carrier Transport


Open Carrier Transport is considered the most affordable standard shipping method; 90% of cars are transported this way as opposed to enclosed carrier transport. Typically shipping your car with an open carrier is $300-$400 less than enclosed auto shipping, where the vehicle is protected against all external elements. Why is this the primary method for shipping your car? Well, because it’s the standard way of doing it and more importantly it is less expensive.  In many instances, vehicles get to their destinations with minimal damage or none at all despite the obvious disadvantage of being open to the elements. So how does this method compare to a closed carrier transport? Open carrier auto transporters typically have a capacity of ten standard-sized cars. Unless you request otherwise, this is what your vehicle will be shipped.

The least expensive solution to shipping a vehicle is by using an Open Carrier Transport. Most likely you have seen this semi truck on the road, they are long trailers usually carrying several vehicles that are being shipped from one city to another city, like the image to the right. So what is Open Carrier Transport? This is where the drivers truck is an OPEN trailer where all the vehicles can been seen, and indeed it is open to many other things like the elements of nature and undesirable road conditions. However even with good roads , weather (bad) , dust , rain and other unforeseen events like flying stones thrown by other cars damage can occur, although this is considered rare.

Open carriers are more much more affordable than their enclosed counterparts because there are so many more of them. It is ten times easier to find an open carrier than an enclosed carrier, because enclosed carriers can only fit 1-4 cars in their enclosed truck trailers, and open carrier trailers can fit up to 10 cars. An enclosed carrier can carry only two-four vehicles at a time, and because their services offer more protection, it comes at a much higher price. However, if you are shipping a classic car or a high-end luxury vehicle, it is a better bet to ask for enclosed carrier transport if your vehicle is just a regular sedan, its much cheaper to go with an open carrier transport. It is much more cost-effective to ship on an open carrier. We encourage to fill out the quote form, and compare your auto transport quote rates with open and enclosed, and then make the decision if shipping enclosed it worth it to you.