Overseas Auto Transport

overseas auto transport

International Auto Transport

Overseas auto transport is a little more complicated than just shipping your car from coast to coast, it is a little more involved process that can seem a bit overwhelming for those not familiar with shipping a vehicle overseas. However, you can rest assured the experts at Shipping An Automobile, know exactly all the steps involved in shipping your vehicle overseas. The first option when transporting your auto overseas is the roll on roll off approach. This is by far the simplest way to ship your car internationally and is used by most main car manufactures, when transporting vehicles. Your car is driven onto a ship and secured inside the car deck by a series of straps and braces. Keeping your vehicle safe, secure, clean, dry and under the deck.

overseas auto transportThe second option for overseas auto transport is through container shipping. The main advantage with choosing container shipping is you also have the option to load your personal items in with your vehicle. Your car is loaded into a 20ft or 40ft container at the nearest port. Your vehicle is then secured to the container floor by wooden blocks and strapped in to prevent any movement. Delivery times for international auto shipping usually range from 15-25 days but with certain circumstances and specific locations can take 30 -35 days.

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Being that international auto transport can be an intricate process we recommend going directly through an auto transport company like the experts at Shipping An Automobile. Most of our affiliated auto transport companies offer international auto transport and have a team of professionals who will handle all of the necessary paperwork including dock receipts, bill of ladings, and title and registration presentation, so that you experience the easiest transformation of expediting your international auto transportation.

To get started simply contact us today and in minutes you will be on your way to a smooth and easy overseas auto transport.