Open Carrier Transport

Open Carrier Transport is considered the most affordable standard shipping method; 90% of cars are transported this way as opposed to enclosed carrier transport. Typically shipping your car with an open carrier is $300-$400 less than enclosed auto shipping, where the vehicle is protected against all external elements. Why is this the primary method for shipping your car? Well, because it’s the standard way of doing it and more importantly it is less expensive.  In many instances, vehicles get to their destinations with minimal damage or none at all despite the obvious disadvantage of being open to the elements. So how does this method compare to a closed carrier transport? Open carrier auto transporters typically have a capacity of ten standard-sized cars. Unless you request otherwise, this is what your vehicle will be shipped.

The least expensive solution to shipping a vehicle is by using an Open Carrier Transport. Most likely you have seen this semi truck on the road, they are long trailers usually carrying several vehicles that are being shipped from one city to another city, like the image to the right. So what is Open Carrier Transport? This is where the drivers truck is an OPEN trailer where all the vehicles can been seen, and indeed it is open to many other things like the elements of nature and undesirable road conditions. However even with good roads , weather (bad) , dust , rain and other unforeseen events like flying stones thrown by other cars damage can occur, although this is considered rare.

Open carriers are more much more affordable than their enclosed counterparts because there are so many more of them. It is ten times easier to find an open carrier than an enclosed carrier, because enclosed carriers can only fit 1-4 cars in their enclosed truck trailers, and open carrier trailers can fit up to 10 cars. An enclosed carrier can carry only two-four vehicles at a time, and because their services offer more protection, it comes at a much higher price. However, if you are shipping a classic car or a high-end luxury vehicle, it is a better bet to ask for enclosed carrier transport if your vehicle is just a regular sedan, its much cheaper to go with an open carrier transport. It is much more cost-effective to ship on an open carrier. We encourage to fill out the quote form, and compare your auto transport quote rates with open and enclosed, and then make the decision if shipping enclosed it worth it to you.

enclosed carrier transport

Enclosed Carrier Transport

Enclosed Carrier Transport offers an added level of protection for your vehicle. Safe from road debris, weather, dirt and grime. If you have a highly valuable vehicle this is premium service level is for you! For a additional premium of $300-$400 extra, you can request this service and in return your vehicle can enjoy the benefits of traveling safe and protected in a fully enclosed carrier transport semi truck. Typically people who would prefer to have their racing, customized, classic or exotic vehicles transported will opt for this service but anyone can request enclosed auto shipping. Paying an additional cost may just be a small price to pay to protect your vehicle from weather elements, road debris and any other damage that may be caused by an open car transport environment. The experts at Shipping an Automobile have selected superior auto transport companies who offer full-service transportation solutions for the transport of your valued vehicle. Our affiliated auto transport companies are dedicated to the care and delivery of your vehicle and have spent over 15 years perfecting safe, reliable, and affordable methods of enclosed car transport.

Shipping an Automobile knows that it’s important for you to know you have the option of an enclosed carrier transport regardless of what type of vehicle you own. We highly recommend an enclosed auto trailer for certain types of vehicles such as luxury cars, classic cars, sports/racing cars, high value exotic cars, new vehicles and low clearance autos. But if you prefer to have your vehicle shipped in an open carrier transport to save a $300-$400 on your auto shipping quote, we can help you figure out the best way to do it. Simply fill out our auto transport quote form and in minutes you will be contacted by knowledgeable  auto transport companies that have experience and professional handling in shipping enclosed vehicles.

rush auto shipping

Rush Auto Shipping

Do you need your vehicle picked up yesterday? You’ve come to the right place! When you need your vehicle picked up ASAP or on a guaranteed date, select rush auto shipping when placing your order.

If you’re looking for a FAST, Safe and Secure Auto Transport for your vehicle it’s important to choose a shipping company that specializes in providing rush auto shipping —safe, secure, and fast vehicle shipment solutions. Shipping An Automobile does more than just offer you quotes on sending your car from point A to point B. We know how important your vehicle(s) is and respect the importance of not just getting it there, but making sure from the moment your vehicle is loaded on to the truck you can feel secure in knowing that your automobile will be well taken care of.

We raise the bar on auto transportation companies by treating all shipments with the same dedicated, trusted, and proven experience that our company was built upon. We want you to have the piece of mind that comes with knowing the auto shipping company you’ve employed with the task of shipping your vehicle has your interests at heart and your concerns in mind. When you are getting ready to ship something valuable, whether you shipping a car or boat, it is important to feel that you are embarking on a FAST, Safe and Secure Auto Transport. We provide you with a free online car transport quote so that when you are shipping your car, you will know it exactly how much it will cost. Call us today at (800) 524-2389 or fill out our quote form and find out why we are ranked among the best in our industry for rush auto shipping.


Letting go of your car keys and handing them over to a perfect stranger can be a hard thing to do. However, you can rest assured that when you choose Shipping An Automobile, your in good hands. We believe that the open carrier transport process should be fast, quick, easy and as stress-free as possible. Again and again, customers choose to rely on our car carriers for the Fast, Safe and Secure Auto Transport of their cars, motorcycles, boats, classic cars, heavy machinery, RVs and more. We transport vehicles for car dealers, corporate relocation, car collectors, auction houses, federal departments, fire houses, hospitals, the armed forces, employees and contractors from all areas of relocation in the United States. In addition you can get an instant auto shipping quote today, right now on our site and we can offer you a personalized auto transport service regardless of what your auto shipping needs  are. Our quotes are reasonable and our auto moving services are exceptional. So what are you waiting, let’s get rolling!

military auto transport

Military Auto Transport

We are a proud supporter of our Armed Forces! Receive discounted rates on military auto transport. It’s the least we can do for the brave men and women who serve our country.

The experts at Shipping An Automobile specialize in Military Auto Transport. We proudly service the US Armed Forces, and recognize that people in the military are often required to move around, and where our soldiers go, so must their vehicles. No soldier wants to be stuck on base, or have to depend on someone else for a ride, so the convenience of having your vehicle there with you for times when you are not on duty and want to get around town or take a trip off base.

This is where Shipping Automobile comes in, we provide safe, affordable, reliable car shipping services. We have been doing military auto transport for years and we have a great amount of experience transporting vehicles across the United Sates. We’re very aware of the particular needs of our men and women in the armed forces, so let us focus on the safety of your vehicle during transport, so you can focus on your job, the safety of our country!

Quality Car Shipping for Military Personnel

You have invested your life and dedicated yourself to protection of our country both here and around the world. When you are given an assignment, and are asked to transfer to a new location you have a lot of planning and moving details to figure out including how you’re going to get your car across several states or overseas. We are experienced auto transporters, we take the hassle out of shipping your car. Whether you have a car, truck or SUV, we’ll make sure that your vehicle is transported safely and secure. The experienced car transporters and truck drivers are prepared for your military re-assignment in addition the carriers are proficient with the Department of Transportation government regulations for all states. Whether your need your car transported overseas, coast to coast or just a few states away, let us handle the details.

military auto transportFive Star Rated Military Auto Transport


  • Nationwide Auto Shipping Service
  • Door-To-Door Shipping
  • Professional & Dependable Drivers
  • Licensed, Bonded & Insured
  • Safe & Secure Fast Shipping

 Auto Transport for U.S. Armed Forces

Shipping An Automobile respects and greatly appreciates your dedication and service to protect our freedom. So when you need safe, secure and reliable auto shippers that are experienced in Military Auto Transport consider us as your most convenient solution. We’ll guide you through the car shipping process step by step making sure that everything is in order including paperwork and any special needs you may have requested for your car transport.

Our car shipping is done at the highest level of proficiency that leaves our customers with a sense of comfort and relief that we’ll handle this task for you. To get the process started fill out our form, for 10 Military Auto Transport quotes from licensed, bonded & insured auto transporters.

motorcycle transport

Motorcycle Transport

Ship your Motorcycle, ATV, jet-ski or snowmobile with us!

At Shipping An Automobile, we shipped more than just autos and trucks, we have a whole team of dispatchers that specialize motorcycle transport, not to mention who are also huge motorcycle enthusiasts. Whether you need ship a motorcycle from one house to another or your a motorcycle dealership needing to ship a bike to another business or residence, our experienced dispatchers can efficiently pickup and deliver your motorcycle whatever the special circumstance may be.

Rest assured that your precious motorcycle will be in great hands with Shipping An Automobile. We have been shipping motorcycles for over a decade, with a unique motorcycle shipping system designed to protect the smaller vehicle, motorcycle, ATV, jet-ski, snowmobile, trailer or golf cart. No matter the size of your vehicle, it is shipped with the same expert care we have used with our motorcycles. In addition, we specialize in national and dealership events, custom trips and tours, corporate and auction house transportation, and your personalized motorcycle shipping service. We are your one stop shop for all your motorized sport equipment vehicle shipping needs.

What we contribute to your Motorcycle Transport:

  • Experience – a experienced motorcycle shipping company trusted by dealers and manufacturers.
  • Convenience – your bike is delivered with fluids and battery intact; no need to crate or palletize
  • Safety – enclosed trailers and special strapping system designed for smaller vehicles
  • On-time delivery – delivery 24/7 right to your door with of 1 to 7 days. Some deliveries are between 10 to 14 days for coast to coast motorcycle shipment!
  • Tracking – the ability to check on your shipment at any time
  • Insurance – a licensed shipping company that includes $500,000 of insurance.
  • Quick quote – Fill out the simple quote form to the right, for an instant motorcycle transport quote

Sport Bikes

Sport Bikes require special, experienced handling. We have been in the sport bike shipping business for over 10 years. Our drivers are experienced and trained to ensure proper care and safety with your Sport Bike Transport. We use soft ties, like “Canyon Dancers” for the safest placement thus minimizing the risk of any damage.


 We ship ATV’s all throughout the United States. Your ATV is loaded in an enclosed air-ride truck using state of the art lift gates. The ATV is then secured to the floor of the trailer by soft ties to ensure its safe and secure shipment.

We welcome every opportunity to do our best for you. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Call Shipping An Automobile today at (866) 524-2389 or contact us online.

overseas auto transport

Overseas Auto Transport

International Auto Transport

Overseas auto transport is a little more complicated than just shipping your car from coast to coast, it is a little more involved process that can seem a bit overwhelming for those not familiar with shipping a vehicle overseas. However, you can rest assured the experts at Shipping An Automobile, know exactly all the steps involved in shipping your vehicle overseas. The first option when transporting your auto overseas is the roll on roll off approach. This is by far the simplest way to ship your car internationally and is used by most main car manufactures, when transporting vehicles. Your car is driven onto a ship and secured inside the car deck by a series of straps and braces. Keeping your vehicle safe, secure, clean, dry and under the deck.

overseas auto transportThe second option for overseas auto transport is through container shipping. The main advantage with choosing container shipping is you also have the option to load your personal items in with your vehicle. Your car is loaded into a 20ft or 40ft container at the nearest port. Your vehicle is then secured to the container floor by wooden blocks and strapped in to prevent any movement. Delivery times for international auto shipping usually range from 15-25 days but with certain circumstances and specific locations can take 30 -35 days.

Get rolling today with your Overseas Auto Transport

Being that international auto transport can be an intricate process we recommend going directly through an auto transport company like the experts at Shipping An Automobile. Most of our affiliated auto transport companies offer international auto transport and have a team of professionals who will handle all of the necessary paperwork including dock receipts, bill of ladings, and title and registration presentation, so that you experience the easiest transformation of expediting your international auto transportation.

To get started simply contact us today and in minutes you will be on your way to a smooth and easy overseas auto transport.